What did i do to increase sale


Passport to high growth

After having tried different types of schemes for customers, we wanted to do something special. We didn't want the usual lucky draw scheme as many customers had told us earlier that such schemes didn't look fair to them. So, six months ago we thought of issuing a 'passport' to all our customers who registered with us and made purchases over Rs 25,000. Once, the passport was issued, the customer had to carry it with him every time he came to make a purchase. So, all details would be entered in the 'passport'. If the purchase crossed over a lakh of rupees, the customer would get a gift, ranging from silver, gold to diamond jewellery. For those who had purchases over Rs 12 lakh, a trip to Dubai was the gift. Slowly, through word of mouth, people got attracted to the scheme and started purchasing from us. We had about 25 per cent growth. It helped us get new customers also.

~ Abhay Dugad, Partner and Director, Kamthiwali Jewellers, Indore

Delivery at doorstep

Traffic is a nightmare in our city and many clients don't like to waste their time stuck in traffic. To make it easier for customers, we decided to start a door-to-door service whereby we deliver the product to the customers at his/her home. It's almost like what e-commerce sites are doing. The only difference is that we deliver precious and expensive jewellery to our customers. Our regular clients know what they want. So they place specific orders which are then delivered to them. People are familiar with our brand and have the trust in us that we would deliver the right stuff to them. The response has been positive and sales have gone up by 30 per cent in the last one year. Also, this has helped us forge long-term relations with our customers.

~ Nitin Betala, Managing Partner, Raj Diamonds, Bengaluru
Good luck in box of dices

Last Diwali, we completed 25 years in the business. It was a momentous occasion for us and we wanted to do something different, not the usual run-of-the-mill discounts on jewellery or similar such schemes. So, came up with a unique idea. We kept a box of 54 dices at the entrance and these had different rates of discount on them. They were mostly in the range of 10-30 per cent discount, only one or two had 100 per cent discount on them. When people came to buy jewellery during the Diwali season, we offered them to pick out one dice and whatever discount was mentioned on it, they got that much deducted from the labour charge on the jewellery. So there were some lucky ones who got 100 per cent discount on the labour charges. It pushed our sales four times. There were some 700 entries in those 20 days. Through word of mouth publicity, we even attracted new customers. It turned out the best Diwali for us.

~ Parag Chheda, Owner, Chheda Jewellers, Mumbai

Innovative way of clearing stock

I had some jewellery at our showroom which wasn't selling much. So, we made a price point jewellery counter where we kept all the diamond jewellery that was lying around. We reduced the margins. Within a few days of doing this, we found that customers were getting attracted and slowly sales also began. The positioning of the counter right at the entrance also helped as customers first went straight there. This jewellery attracted customers who look for value for money. The scheme is still on and we keep rotating the jewellery every 40 days. Recently, we sold two-three pendant set which hadn't sold for last one and a half years.

~ Tarun Jain, Partner, Gujranwala Jewellers, Ambala City

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What did i do to increase sale
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