Tri-Coloured Jewellery at Ghanasingh BE TRUE

​This season Ghanasingh Be True presents a distinct collection​ of tri coloured jewellery with various​ ​combinations of ​​white, yellow and​ blush gold. The easy to wear, fuss free collection comprises of stackable bangles,​ ​delicate shirt chains, multi finger rings and​ dainty earrings to pair with your everyday outfits! Pieces from this collection act as the perfect accessory,​ that​ ​resonate​ ​best with the wearer's​ personality.

The modern look of this collection is inspired by the​ ​praiseworthy designs and tones from the west with the use of various fancy shaped diamonds,​ ​to add that touch of sparkle.

The use of warm​ toned gemstones​ ​with yellow gold,​ ​cool tinted precious stones with blush gold and neutral shades of fancy shaped diamonds with​ ​white​ ​polished gold, are here to make a new style statement.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India

​​The colours are symbolic: Blush for Love, Yellow for Strength and White for Purity.

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