Trailblazers - Manoharlal Sarraf & Sons Launches Track Your Purchase Option

With Technological breakthroughs, innovation seems to be the key to success atManoharlal Sarraf & Sons Jewellers, Meerut.
Avantika Bhuyan

You will be surprised to know that within this unassuming jewellery store in Meerut, great technological innovations are taking place. There are a series of firsts associated with Manohar Lal Sarraf Sons and Jewellers, Meerut. The brand was the pioneer in bringing colourless diamond jewellery to its clients in the North India. They offered gold jewellery, at par with international standards, with lifetime guarantee along with buy back guarantee. “At MLVaranium, we believe that proper scientific knowledge is the key to bringing innovation and quality to service, to safeguard the customer’s interest,” says Vivek Shekhar, the third generation of the family to run the brand which has been offering high quality diamond and gold jewellery since 1918. The Flagship Outlet is in Meerut, a Store in Delhi and having Digital Presence Globally.
One of the path breaking innovations that they have introduced is the “Track Your Purchase” option. Once you make a purchase at the Meerut store, you will be assigned a Secured Username and Password (which is unique for every customer). You can log in to check the Dynamic Value of the Product one has bought based on Current Market Price of Gold & Diamonds and the various attributes associated with it. “Nearly three years ago, I and my team of three young professionals -- Vibhore Agarwal, Hardik Patel and Nilesh Solanki – devised a software that would generate a unique Secured ID for each item and would allow the customer to keep track of the current value of what he is buying. We keep updating the software to keep it in sync with the evolving technology,” says Shekhar.
“I decided to test the efficacy of the software. A friend had recently purchased a gold bracelet studded with diamond and emerald, I get her to visit & log onto the “Track Your Purchase” page to show me how it works.” says he. Once the username and password have been keyed in, the page shows each and every aspect related to the purchase: the product code, purity (in this case being 18k or 22k), gross weight, net weight, carat weight, purchasing date, and more. It then further breaks the price down in terms of the diamond price, gold price and stone price, thus showing the customer how the jeweller arrived at the grand total. It also shows the cashback that you would have got on purchasing back then and the cashback that you will get today, which will take into account the gold & Diamond rates applicable today, which is a dynamic value that keeps updating automatically. It’s heartening to see the efforts that have gone into making the entire Buy Back process Transparent, while creating a well-informed customer.
There is a section called “View” on that page as well, which shows an image of your purchase and further breaks the attributes of the diamonds, gold and gemstones down to the kind of material used, carat size, shape, colour, clarity and more. “The response has been amazing. Even after 1-1.5 months of purchase, customers call me back and say “main password bhool gaya hoon. Dobara bata do” (I have forgotten my password, could you please tell me again?) This shows that they are still using the service,” says Shekhar.
Another service unique to M L Jewellers is the laser inscription on diamonds. After each and every diamond goes through a clarity grade test and the D-Screen Test, to make sure that it is not HPHT colour enhanced or synthetic, it is sent to be laser inscribed on the girdle. “EX ML VVS” is inscribed for excellent cut diamonds and “VG ML VVS” is done for very good cut diamonds to ensure authenticity and peace of mind for the customer. The inscription is done in such a way that it is visible even after setting. After exercising the proper quality controls for colour, cut, clarity and fluorescence, the diamonds are then sent to Mumbai for laser inscriptions. The jeweller also offers personal message inscribed on the lock of your gold chain.
Such a process requires a huge amount of investment, and when I ask Shekhar about it, he brushes it aside. “The customer should be happy, that’s all we want,” he says. I ask him why more jewellers are not following suit. “In trade, people want their own monetary satisfaction. Rather, they should think more about Customer Satisfaction,” he says.

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