The Most Memorable Customers

Innovative Streak
In 1975 I was new in the business and was just learning the tricks of the trade. One lady customer wanted a Kashmiri ear chain made. After asking many jewellers to replicate her chosen piece from a photograph in a magazine, unsuccessfully, she came to me. Being new, I wanted to give it a try. I worked on the piece for a fortnight. Knowing that the customer’s budget would not stretch to gold, I made the piece in silver instead and had it gold plated. The design came out so well that not only was it widely appreciated, I got several repeat orders. In fact, the design became so popular that other jewellers began to replicate the design all over Gujarat, in gold as well as silver. It lasted in the market for 11 or 12 years. This is one of the most memorable happenings of my career.

~ Amit Kukadia, Owner, Mangalam Jewellers, Bhavnagar
Trust and Loyalty

The most memorable of our many loyal clients is a physically challenged lady who has patronised our showroom for the past 25 years. She cannot walk, so our team attends to her in her car when she visits. Our support staff knows this lady and her requirements very well. Even more than our other customers, she trusts us so implicitly that not once has she asked us to check the weight of a piece. Even when we show her limited designs, she selects something from among them without asking anything. Her usual budget range is Rs. 25,000–50,000, stretching to Rs. 1 lakh-plus for certain occasions. She sells us her old gold also without re-checking our weightage, and even buys old silver jewellery from us.

~ Abhay Dugad, Director, Owner, Kamthi Wale Jewellers, Chindwara
Honesty Begets Customers

Late last year a lady customer came to our showroom to exchange a gold biscuit for jewellery. At the time our staff didn’t check the weight of the biscuit. When, later, I weighed the biscuit, I realised that it was 1 tola, or 11.6gm, and not 10gm as had been recorded. Immediately I telephoned the customer and informed her about our mistake. The actual value was Rs. 3.38 lakh and not Rs. 2.9 lakh as we had earlier quoted. After this, the customer exchanged all her gold biscuits for new jewellery from us. Where earlier our sales were Rs. 3 lakh, they grew to Rs. 23 lakh. Just this one client’s word-of-mouth publicity rewarded us with an avalanche of sales. All her relatives and friends came to us, and we had their trust from day one. Honesty is a better route to success than focusing on minuscule margins.

~ Deepak Chauhan, Owner, Kanak Jewellers, New Delhi
Pick of the bunch

As a retailer, I am happiest with customers from a village. Such clients give us a 95 per cent conversion rate. The number speaks of the trust they repose in us. One family, from a distant village, came to buy jewellery for a wedding. They were set on buying run-of-the-mill gold jewellery - until we showed them our contemporary antique jewellery. We thought the style would suit the client better. In the end the family bought their entire selection from our antique jewellery range, from neckpiece to bangles, earrings and so on. Some days later, they telephoned us with the good news that the whole family had really liked the jewellery and was very pleased with the collection.

~ Anuj Jain, Owner, SS Jewellers, Gurgaon

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