SGL expands its operations in Dubai

SGL expands its operations in Dubai by opening its second lab in the city. This will be SGL’s 4th laboratory in the middle east and 15th on its global charter.

SGL’s new lab in Dubai is loacted at GOLD SOUK, one of the traditional markets of Dubai, located in the heart of Dubai's commercial business district of Deira, with over 300 retailers that trade almost exclusively in jewellery.

Their new office will be a leading centre for the screening of loose diamonds and diamond jewellery. In Dubai, where trading in undisclosed lab-grown diamonds has been a matter of concern SGL has facilitated the screening within the easy reach of the trade.

SGL’s proprietary screening technology is developed in partnership with a German company which gives it a strong competitive advantage in the lab certification market due to its ability to screen diamond jewellery as well as loose stones for the presence of non-disclosed lab-grown diamonds, including CVD and HPHT.

“In my experience detection of non-disclosed synthetics in natural melee was “frequent”, notably in smaller goods and that the trade wants to ensure that they are buying the right stuff,” said director Chirag Soni.
Courtesy : Retail Jeweller News Service

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