Platinum Bridal Jewellery to Make its Grand Debut Select Leading Retailers Have Signed On JOIN THE PLATINUM BRIDAL RUSH

We are committed to providing our consumers a supreme shopping experience in jewellery and have been one of the pioneers in the platinum category in the country. And now we have another opportunity to talk to the younger audience and are confident of building a stronger relationship with the new age bride.”       
Ananthapadmanabhan, Managing Director, GRT JEWELLERS

Through the platinum bridal jewellery range we look forward to offering a superlative experience to the modern Indian bride who desires something special that will have meaning for her.”       
Paresh Soni, Director, CH JEWELLERS

We are excited to now offer our consumers a clutter breaking novelty at our exclusive counters of platinum bridal jewellery. The new range of platinum bridal jewellery looks refreshing and provides us with an opportunity to offer something new to our bridal jewellery consumers.”       
Samir Sagar, Director, MANUBHAI

Over the years, PGI has done a remarkable job in building demand for platinum jewellery in the country and already the popularity of Love bands with young couples has been very impactful. Now tapping into a new opportunity for Bridal, we will explore multiple engagement points with the consumer and further expand our platinum business.”       
Vastupal Ranka, Director, RANKA JEWELLERS

Platinum has created high emotional appeal and aspiration, and will work very well with the customer. The market has seen phenomenal success with Platinum Day of Love and the men’s jewellery segments emerging as sales driving categories.  And now PGI is paving the way in an emotionally rich space for jewellery in India.”       
Princeson Jose, Chairman & Managing Director, PRINCE JEWELLERY

We have seen the success of the Platinum Day of Love programme at our stores and believe that the new Bridal programme is the ideal next step to building on the momentum that PGI has created in the recent past. This premium offering in the bridal category will give a fillip to our brand, presenting something modern and progressive in the wondrous metal platinum.”       
Pratap Kamath, CEO, ABARAN

Platinum will soon be part of every bride’s wish list! Platinum has already gained immense popularity amongst the young consumers and now a distinct platinum bridal zone with jewellery that speaks to them will excite the modern bride.”       
Sankar Sen, Managing Director, SENCO GOLD AND DIAMONDS

For the new age bride, the platinum jewellery range gives her a chance to shine through and stand apart from the rest. The collection reflects the beautiful sentiment of love the bride carries with her from one family to another.”       
Manoj Soni, Director, A B JEWELS

The bridal jewellery category constantly demands fresh ideas and platinum jewellery range delivers just that. The new range offers modern jewellery designs linked with the emotions of traditional values. We plan to launch specialised zones in our flagship and concept doors and are happy to partner PGI in this promising endeavour.       
Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA

Post the success of Platinum Day of Love we look forward to another exciting league with PGI, stepping up the game this wedding season. We forecast that the new offering will definitely boost sales for us as it is an answer to the ever increasing demand of our customers.”       
Chintamani Kaigaonkar, Director, CHINTAMANI