PCJ #WomenInBollywood Twitter Contest

- Paying tribute to women in celluloid

The women in Bollywood have contributed a great deal  to our lives. Some of them are our style icons whereas others are our models of inspiration. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, P C Jewellers (PCJ) decided to pay a tribute to all these beautiful and talented women by launching their #WomenInBollywood Twitter Contest.

A set of ten questions were asked at an interval of 20 minutes. Participants had to answer, retweet and tag friends to increase their chances of winning. The questions revolved around those Bollywood movies where the woman has played a significant role - whether in ideating the script, directing, conceptualising or simply acting. On being asked why Twitter was chosen as the preferred platform as opposed to other social media platforms, Balram Garg, Managing Director, PC Jewellers, said that “the live action value of Twitter is much higher than that of other social media platforms like Facebook, which adds to the excitement of the contest. The interaction that takes place on Twitter feels more real as compared to other social media. Moreover, the contest questions were content based rather than image based, so we preferred using a medium like Twitter. The questions required a good deal of movie knowledge or the user to be Google/Wiki-friendly.”    

The concept behind the campaign was largely based on PCJ’s desire to build the brand’s image and to reach out to as many people as they could. The motive was to take it beyond the jewellery eco-system and highlight the emotional connection that women have with the idea of “being a woman”. This was one of the various initiatives taken by PCJ to remain competent in the market. “The competition is high of course and a brand needs to catch up with it,” said Garg.

The statistics of PCJ’s Twitter page showed how well everyone responded to the contest. PCJ added 32 followers and received 148 tweets for the #WomenInBollywood Twitter Contest. Those who are regular on Twitter must have come across the support and enthusiasm tweeted by women in different spheres of life. The contest winners were declared on  March 11th and they received surprise gift vouchers from PCJ. According to the tweets of the participants, the contest was a success not only because it focused on an area which is engaging for all but also due to the fact that women in celluloid are reflections of most women in India. Their personal lives, contribution towards society, struggles and conflicts are experienced by many Indian women. It is this emotional connect which brought about the huge response. “We received a great response. The image of PC Jewellers as a brand has gone one level up, especially among the younger generation. The pre-conceived notion of traditional designs and the old school of thought was definitely altered, the young and modern feel that our jewellery range portrays is what clearly reached out to the audience through the contest,” gleamed Garg.   .   

Anushri Mondal