New Launches

Chintamanis, a name that’s known and appreciated by elite jewellery lovers across Mumbai for over two decades, is now poised to sparkle amidst the jewellery appreciating audiences of Goa. Though this fine brand in exquisite gold and diamond jewellery is soon scheduled to open its first store here in Goa, it is neither a stranger to Goa, its people or their tastes in jewellery.

The Chintamanis jewellery boutique will feature a few dazzling highlights unlike conventional jewellery buying outlets. The ambience, Victorian themed, would ensure a classy welcome and elegant experience for seekers of premium jewellery.

Moreover, special services like a library – for customers to browse through a world of exquisite designs and designers – to consult with in order to attain perfectly customized creations, go on to make every jewellery buying visit to Chintamanis an experience of pure indulgence.

Over the years, Chintamanis has been unveiling its exquisite fusions of rare metal and precious gemstones at prominent jewellery exhibitions around Goa. A participation that has consistently received favourable responses from genuine Goan jewellery shoppers. This yearly interaction between Chintamanis and its patrons here in Goa, is now set to get upgraded to an experience of tasteful indulgence, with the launch of it jewellery boutique at 18June Road, Panjim.