Lets Meet : Vishal Rastogi

Known as the city attracting second largest banking transaction in India, Dhanbad has grown tremendously in the last one decade or so. Retail Jeweller Market gets in touch with Vishal Rastogi, Owner of one of the prominent retail joints, Johari Bazaar in the coal capital of the country.



Vishal Rastogi, Owner, Johari Bazaar



Picture at Ground Zero


Its equi-distant location from three major cities namely Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Kolkata makes Dhanbad a hot spot of economic action. To top it, the city lies in the cash rich mineral (coal) belt of the country and is also known as the coal capital of the country. Johari Bazaar is located in the poshest locality of Dhanbad known as Bank More.




“Dhanbad has grown tremendously in size and the current population stands at 30 lakh in the city itself not considering the suburbs of the city. The locality is similar to the likes of Cannought Place, New Delhi or Nariman Point/ Bandra of Mumbai. Bank More is the jewellery hub of Dhanbad’ says Vishal Rastogi.


Economic Progression

In the last 10-15 years after the formation of the state of Jharkhand, Dhanbad has grown at a tremendous rate, but the city prior to that was badly affected by the coal mafia which had resulted in lack of development of the city. But the situation has improved since then and Dhanbad today is seeing a new awakening. In the last 5-6 years major brands such as Tanishq, Reliance, Senco, Nakshatra and others have forayed in the city. Being the coal capital and the hub of many big and small industries has resulted in huge employment opportunities for the locals as well as for the immigrants giving ample disposable incomes in their hands to buy jewellery. Although the traditional yellow metal- Gold is in huge demand, diamond jewellery market has also developed a lot. Rastogi says, “We stock diamonds from almost all brands. We also conduct four promotions in a year and were one of the first ones to introduce the concept of Akshay Tritiya promotion and Akshay Tritiya buying in Dhanbad.”


Real Estate progress

In terms of real estate and infrastructural development, Dhanbad did lack but it was only till a couple of years ago. Now with big scale industries coming up, the real estate scenario has improved a lot. Thus, there is place for people from all strata’s of society. A new airport is being planned to come up in either Dhanbad or Devgah (very near to Dhanbad). The city already had excellent rail and road network and the new airport will definitely boost trade further.

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Lets Meet : Vishal Rastogi
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