Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers

Showcasing thought leadership at IIM-Lucknow

LJKJ is proud of the goodwill and credibility it enjoys, so when it went looking for a event partner it turned, naturally, to an institution that is no less well-respected: the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

The retailer associated itself with Manfest Varchasva 2014, the annual business, cultural and sports fest of IIM-Lucknow, where it patronised the cultural events. The fest was held on November 20-23 this year.

Being associated with IIM-Lucknow is expected to benefit LJKJ, not least by making it easier to recruit fresh talent to support the brand’s expansion and professionalisation. The company will also gain from exposure to senior bureaucrats, educationists and the city’s learned who’s who.

The immediate result of this association, however, is invaluable brand-building for LJKJ, which can showcase its thought leadership in the jewellery industry on IIM-Lucknow’s campus and in strategic locations across the city.

In the past, LJKJ’S forays into marketing have largely been with fashion, lifestyle and jewellery trade bodies. This year, the company has reassessed its business legacy and decided to emerge as a corporate entity with diversified links to its home city of Lucknow. The association with IIM-Lucknow is an early step in the search for new avenues for growth.

When they already possess one of the top brands in Lucknow, what has prompted the owners to think along such innovative lines? “Like us,” explains Tanya Rastogi, “there are many jewellers who enjoy a generations-old legacy in the prime cities of India. The branded jewellery industry is also growing and expansion has begun. It is obvious that we have to think out of the box and plan our marketing strategies innovatively to compete and to retain our numero-uno position in our markets.”

Anushri Mondal