Jos Alukkas TVC: Expert quality


With the festive season forthcoming, the promotional intensity around affordable diamond jewellery is building to a crescendo. At this fraught pre-season moment Kerala-based jewellery major Jos Alukkas has a wise message for jewellery consumers. It is this: do not forget quality and expertise!

The message is delivered via Jos Alukkas’ latest, three-episode television commercial (TVC). The first TVC depicts the dilemma of a consumer who comes to a Jos Alukkas store to exchange diamond jewellery bought elsewhere. She discovers that her so-called certified diamonds are of inferior quality and that the certification is inadequate. The salesperson explains the importance of buying quality diamonds from an authentic jeweller like Jos Alukkas.

The next two TVCs explain how buying diamond jewellery from Jos Alukkas assures buyers peace of mind. The second TVC shows the sales staffer telling the consumer about the company’s three-step quality-control process. It begins, he says, with a team of experts who source quality diamonds. Next, the quality of the sourced diamonds is scrutinised and confirmed, before the gems travel to the lab. As a final step, each Jos Alukkas certificate bears a detailed description of the certified gems’ quality and other aspects.

The third part aims to offer an even deeper understanding of the quality of diamonds available at Jos Alukkas. An expert gemologist explains how it is that quality often differs between two similar-looking diamonds. He points out that quality is the paramount concern at Jos Alukkas. This expert also reminds customers that quality diamonds always offer a good price appreciation, a key aspect for those buyers who look for investment value in jewellery. This TVC also indicates that Jos Alukkas goes beyond conventional diamond quality parameters to focus on cut, which ensures superior sparkle.

Originally shot in Tamil with the tagline “Real diamonds from the experts”, this series of TVCs reinforces Jos Alukkas’ positioning as a dependable jeweller from whom to buy diamond jewellery. “The stringent three-tier screening process and quality control mechanism and the detailed certification practised by the jeweller, as demonstrated in the TVCs, drives home the advantage of buying quality diamonds from an expert,” says Anjo Jose, group head of Dentsu, Kochi, the agency behind the TVCs.

Although a brand of Kerala origin, Jos Alukkas had the TVCs shot in Tamil for the bigger Tamil Nadu market, and later dubbed in Malayalam. The TVCs are supported by print advertising and a social media campaign, as well as in-theatre release. The company’s target consumers for this campaign are first-time as well as regular diamond jewellery buyers.

“We wanted to convey that the terms such as affordability and quality are inversely proportional. Jos Alukkas offers its customers superior quality diamonds with proper certification, which are judiciously priced and offer a better buyback in the future,” says Paul J Alukkas, managing director, Jos Alukkas.

From the brand’s perspective, when the salesperson in the TVCs says to the customer, “We only sell VVS EF diamonds,” the key differentiator is established in the consumer’s mind.

The response to the commercal has been encouraging, says Alukkas, and the jeweller plans to go national with the campaign in the near future.