Innovation and R&D at Dharmanandan Diamonds Empowering the Future

Mumbai: Constant endeavour of improvements is a must to stay progressive in this ever changing world. Dharmanandan have best-in-class manufacturing system-backed by its in-house R&D Centre-is its strength that facilitates flexibility to change and adopt any development prospect from rough procurement to polished sales.

Since the establishment of R&D 10 years ago, innovation and a customer-centric approach have always been at the core of Dharmanandan. The R&D team consist of 10 professionals led by Vipul Sutariya, Director, Dharmanandan Diamonds who always comes with fruitful solution time by time.

“Innovation is a part of Dharmanandan's DNA and supports our strategy to empower retailers and adding significant value to their business. We encourage our retailers to consider and evaluate the advantage of these mechanisms, not only in isolation, but perhaps in combination. Our meaningful innovations have kept our customers on the edge of technology,” said Sutariya.
Beginning with the launch of iPad application in Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair in September 2010 to making the world aware about i-Seller in last Las Vegas show, interactive selling at trade shows has been the company’s USP so far. The company successfully launched i-Seller, a 3D diamond viewer to empower the retailers with 3D Showcase at the store.

While explaining the idea of i-Seller, Sutariya said “while thinking more on our D-imaging technology; for 360 degree diamond video, i-Seller clicked in my mind. We made a Virtual Showcase by image-guided interventions to demonstrate the feasibility of 3D imaging.”

The industry is in the midst of a profound structural shift from physical to digital retail. It's happening faster than one could have imagined. Piyush Patel, Director-Dharmanandan Diamonds, has rationalise the product by stating that our retailers have a choice to go digital by diamond 'Virtual Showcase'; where their consumer can have rich buying experience of diamonds in 2D and 3D viewer. With our stockless inventory module the retailer can have competitive advantage.

Dharmanandan’s thrust on Product Innovation and R&D has given the company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Courtesy: The Retail Jeweller India News Service