Etched Carnelian – 2014 The Annual Fest at IIGJ

MUMBAI: The Premises of Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery reverberated with roars, whistles and thunderous ovations as the students announced the commencement of ‘The Etched Carnelian 2014’, a two-day IIGJ Annual festival here on Thursday 16th January 2014. A wide array of events including Sports, Group performances, solo performances and songs formed the core of the exciting two days. This event was organized and managed by the students of IIGJ under the guidance of the faculty.

The first day was the sports day where, the students competed amongst themselves along with the faculty in games. Interesting games like Treasure hunt, Biscuit race, Balloon bursting, Handi Fod, Tug of war etc were enjoyed by the students and the staff of IIGJ. The second day was reserved for variety of performances. The cadence kicked off with light music performance by a classical performance followed by various group performances group by the students of D9 and D10. It was first time in 9 years that the faculty and staff of IIGJ had been a part of these performances. Riveting stage performances ranging from western dance to group performances created a virtual blaze.
The fest had everything - from dance performances to songs which everyone enjoyed. And what added to the fun was the passionate response of the crowd that cheered along with the participants.

Though the event turned out to be a huge hit among students but organizing it wasn't a cakewalk. The students of Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery have managed to do a great job by organizing this event.