Neety Singh


An ardent fan of the Indian traditional jewellery with an open minded psyche of a globe trotter, Neety Singh’s jewellery is ‘for the urban woman, of the urban and by the urban woman’. In a tete-a-tete with Kritika Ajmani, she elaborates on her passion for jewellery designing and her work to uphold social issues.


The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): Tell us about your tryst with jewellery designing.

Neety Singh (NS): For me, jewellery designing was not a career-option but more of a cherished hobby and passion. Eventually, my interest and ability to design drew me to designing jewellery. People cherish exclusivity and I was able to give them designs as per their individual needs. I have been in the industry formally for only five years. The education at GIA helped me understand the technicalities of the field and strengthened my skills.

TRJ: What kind of challenges did you face being new to the industry?

NS: I was new to the industry and did not own a formal studio during the initial days. However, my interest in jewellery and informal designing experience provided the necessary base of kaarigars and clients. Besides, my business was self-funded. And with limited funds, you eliminate the choice of failing. The industry is highly monopolized and a new talent has to put up a tough fight to make its presence felt. Also, my design philosophy does not fit well with the general market trends; it is different and will continue to be different.






TRJ: Please give us some insight into your design philosophy.

NS: My design philosophy is to make jewellery according to the personality and requirement of an individual and eventually, mould jewellery distinctively according to my sensibilities. I don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ and strongly rely on my perception of a human being. I did try to mould my designs according to the market trends but did not quite succeed.


TRJ: You have been working to break consumers’ mindset that an investment cannot be stylish or designed differently. How successful have you been to that end?

NS:  I have been fairly successful. I believe that women who have bought my jewellery will come to terms with the fact that if a piece is designed beautifully; it doesn’t mean that it will have low resale value. It will have as much gold content as any traditional piece of jewellery has.

TRJ: Also, you want to act as a bridge between the family jeweller and the designer, where price and design go hand in hand. How challenging has it been for you?

NS: It is in Indian consumer’s DNA to consider jewellery as more of an investment but giving them great design at a formidable price is my DNA. It is difficult to convince the consumers to deviate from the family jewellers and change their paradigms about designer jewellery being “expensive”.



TRJ: Who are your clients?

NS: A major part of my clients belong to the urban bracket, Indian independent women who are typically above 30 years of age. A prominent reason could also be that each piece I design has an element of ‘me’ in it; unless the piece is good enough for me to wear it, I will not give it to a client. I have also found acceptance in the international markets as a result of the ethos I create between the East and the West with my designs. Being a strong believer of the Indian traditional jewellery and an extensive traveller, I try to amalgamate my experiences of both the worlds to create jewellery.

TRJ:  You have been closely associated with The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation. Please tell us about the NGO and your association with it.

NS: The Nanhi Chhaan Foundation is a non-profit organization set up with an objective to addresses three important social issues - adverse gender ratio, environmental degradation and secularism. Recently, I compiled a Coffee Table Book called “Woman The Real Jewel” which highlights 20 powerful women, not the influential and authoritative ones, those who have contributed to the Indian society. Along with this, I designed an exclusive collection dedicated to these women and to Nanhi Chhaan which did help us in amassing funds.


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