A certain client came to our showroom to place an order for bridal jewellery. The bride in this case was to relocate to the USA after the wedding, so the client had decided on a delicate but striking main neckpiece. He had a design in mind, involving rhodium and kundan work, that he said he had seen in Mumbai. He brought us a photograph and asked us to design a replica. Being small town professionals, we tend to deal in traditional jewellery. None of our kaarigars was familiar with this kind of work. Undeterred, I looked for similar pieces on the Internet and developed a final design. The client approved the design and was happy with it, so he placed the order. Since we didn't have in-house experience in this kind of design, we identified a kaarigar to make this item for us. To our delight, he produced a piece of a much higher quality than the client expected. As a result, the entire bridal jewellery order came to us. Since the finished jewellery was so superb, this single order brought us many more orders from this client's friends and relatives.



Recently, one of our customers staying in Mumbai suggested that her son in the USA purchase a Solitaire ring from us for his fiancée. Understandably, digital innovations came to our rescue. Through WhatsApp, we sent him the CAD images and videos of the ring to enhance his decision making. He had very peculiar demand with his fiancée being a doctor. She had to frequently remove the 1.5C solitaire ring to examine her patients. So, we devised a very innovative ring holder for her to keep it secure. Whenever she had to remove the ring, she just needed to put it in the holder in the shape of the stethoscope. This unique design & the solution was appreciated by not only the girl but also their friends & family as it was an extremely unique solution. It was more than a pleasant surprise for the girl as he had proposed to her with this ring & the ring holder.



To mark a special occasion, a friend of mine decided to gift his mother a peacock-motif kada. He wanted it to be exquisite, and gave us a free hand in terms of the budget. After getting a very intricate piece designed by our in-house designer, we set out to manufacture it. This kada had to travel back and forth across the country to achieve the perfection it deserved. Designed via CAD in Delhi, it went for micro-pave setting in Mumbai, and then to Bikaner for meenakari work. The logistics were a nightmare to manage, but beyond that was our need to maintain the quality standard at each stage. When the piece was finished it was clear that all our hard work had paid off handsomely. The colours of the meena exactly depicted the hues of a peacock feather, and the diamonds were exceptionally well set. It was the fine craftsmanship of the kaarigars that brought this special kada to life. When my friend gave it to his mother, she was so delighted that she immediately telephoned — at midnight! — to thank us warmly.



This is an incident from 2011, when diamond choker necklace sets were new in the market. An existing customer, who lives in the USA, asked us for a good-sized one with changeable  coloured stones, for a wedding. At the time few jewellers made this kind of set. The customer wanted a specific diamond quality and design, over and above our own creative contribution. We got this special piece designed and showed the customer the blueprint. The customer made a lot of design changes, a process that took time. Since the wedding date was fixed, we had just a few weeks to get it made. The moment the blueprint was passed, we chose the diamonds and went ahead. The outcome was very fruitful. The customer was ecstatic, and we were very happy with our new design that had met this very specific brief. After the wedding, the customer gave us a brilliant review and referred more US customers to us. This incident inspired us to get into exclusive, customised designs for our patrons. It was a wonderful experience.