A Platinum Idea

Through its unique ‘Season of Love’ campaign, the Platinum Guild India turned the lean month of June into a busy sales period by making a platinum purchase attractive to customers. 
~ Avantika Bhuyan
It’s common knowledge that June is a lean month within the jewellery industry. And that’s why it came as a surprise to many when Platinum Guild India, or PGI, launched the first edition of the ‘Season of Love’ campaign during this period -- between June 10 and 26. Through aggressive online and offline initiatives, the brand tried to engage the viewers with its range of platinum jewellery. “We have seen a growing desire for platinum among the young India as a symbol of love. Our learning shows that young consumers look for accurate information in order to take a buying decision, says Vaishali Banerjee, managing director, PGI. Through the campaign, the brand wanted to make the consumer aware of the pricing of platinum jewellery and offer a special experience within the store, thereby generating sales. “Every consumer was shown the platinum range and given a special gift to celebrate their love,” she says. 
The idea of the campaign stemmed from PGI’s previous ‘Platinum Day of Love’ campaign. “Young, urban and affluent consumers in India want to express their love through platinum, and we wanted to capitalise on that,” says Banerjee. “The platinum audience is predominantly an online one. We wanted our communication to speak their language. Therefore, we chose Instagram as the visual approach, and this really connected with them.” The campaign played out at two levels: digital and in-store. The objective for both, however, was the same: to drive traffic to the stores. “At the store-level, every consumer was shown the platinum range and each was given a special memento to remind them of their love,” she says. Ten lucky winners also got the opportunity to get a couple shoot done by WeddingSutra, a popular wedding planning website. “Our retail partners were excited about the campaign. The creative collaterals helped bring the concept to life within the stores. With over 200 stores participating across 15 cities, this was a great success,” says Banerjee.    
PGI’s retail partners lapped up the concept as it drove consumers to the store. According to leading retailers from across the country, the Season of Love transformed June from a dull month to one of fast-paced activity, when it came to the platinum jewellery category. It has been seen in the past couple of years that a concentrated marketing effort works wonder for this category. And that is exactly what the campaign achieved. The radio campaign and advertisements, especially, created a buzz around the Platinum Love Bands. According to some premier stores in southern India, the footfalls increased by 25 to 30 per cent, and almost all of these translated into sales. 
This campaign was made further attractive to the retailers with unique rewards and incentives offered to them. This prompted a lot of retailers to take proactive steps to inform the customers about the in-store promotions. Emailers were sent out to regular customers and pamphlets were distributed within the stores. All these measures further cemented the campaign vision and goals. Also, after the conclusion of the Season of Love campaign, the brand recognised and felicitated efforts of the retail partners through awards for the best-in-class retailers for ‘highest sales’ and ‘best consumer experience’. 
“We have more than 6 lakh engaged consumers online. Hence, we thought that the best way to reach the audience was through the digital platform,” says Banerjee. In the past too, the brand had witnessed great interest from consumers for platinum love bands. A power-packed remarketing drive was launched to drive traffic to the stores. “The audience who visited the website was remarketed with 2nd and 3rd levels of communication, which were highly persuasive. The communication highlighted the permanence and everlasting nature of platinum love bands vis-a-vis other transitory gifts that couples exchange to celebrate their love,” she explains. Through the ‘Season of Love’ campaign, the brand fuelled the desire to buy a Platinum Love Band, or PLB, and further reinforced it by creating a rewarding experience around the purchase. This engagement, through affinity banners on mobile offering a trial of the PLB, persuaded even fence sitters to walk into the store. “Further on, we did an entire activity with popular lifestyle bloggers, who spoke about the collection and their Platinum Day of Love, thereby pushing the communication for the ‘Season of Love’. This ensured that we effectively reached out to their fan base as well,” adds Banerjee.  
The brand witnessed a great response -- both in digital and in-store -- for the campaign. “During a lean period like June, platinum was the only category, which grew by over 29 per cent across most stores. The success of this was attributed to the ‘Season of Love’ campaign by retailers,” she says. “During this period, we had over 1,00,000 visitors to the store locator with an intent to purchase.” The success of the first edition of the campaign has buoyed the spirits of the team and PGI will soon consider this to be an annual feature in its trade marketing calendar.  


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